174 Hz – Relieving Pain and Stress

Relieving Pain and Stress: The 174 Hz frequency possesses the remarkable ability to alleviate pain and stress while enhancing concentration

285 Hz – Healing Tissue and Organs

Healing Tissue and Organs: With its healing prowess, the 285 Hz frequency aids in treating minor injuries and wounds.

396 Hz – Liberating Fear and Guilt

Liberating Guilt and Fear: The 396 Hz frequency serves as a remedy for feelings of guilt, fear, and grief.

417 Hz – Wipes out Negativity

Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change: The 417 Hz frequency initiates new beginnings by purging negative energies from your body, home, and office.

528 Hz – Repairs DNA

Transformation and Miracles: Often referred to as the “love frequency,” the 528 Hz frequency is a powerful force for activating imagination, intention, and intuition.

639 Hz – Brings Love

Connecting Relationships: The 639 Hz frequency promotes connection and healing in relationships with friends, family, and the community.

741 Hz – Detoxifies Cells

Awakening Intuition: For those seeking mental clarity and problem-solving abilities, the 741 Hz frequency is a valuable tool.

852 Hz – Awakens Intuition

Returning to Spiritual Order: The 852 Hz frequency facilitates a reconnection with your spiritual essence and the universe.

963 Hz – Connects to Higher Self

 Divine Consciousness or Enlightenment: The highest of the nine frequencies, the 963 Hz frequency is often referred to as the “frequency of the Gods".