Author: Eeshi-Ra Hart

Eeshi-Ra Hart (UK - Founder of Sonic Life Solutions) is a sound healing practitioner, singer, trauma release breath coach & bodyworker since 1991, visionary, speaker & vocal coach with over 23 years in the sound healing world. She is passionate about empowering clients to become their own healers using the power of scientifically-researched and medically applied frequencies and those based on the laws of Nature and the Universe combined with the breath, the voice, movement, body wisdom, light, sacred geometry & consciousness for healing, accessing deeper levels of embodiment, sexual empowerment and awakening of the Divine I Am within

Would like to listen to the full spectrum of the solfeggio right now? Did you know there are not just 6 or 9 frequencies, but actually 18 Zobet frequencies where the solfeggio come from? (Zo-bet – House of God). Whether you’re someone who’s just wanting these sound healing frequencies for self care, or whether you’re a sound healing practitioner who loves working with solfeggio frequencies, they are amazing for helping us reset, rebalance, clear, uplift, energise & much more! Back in 2008, I recorded each Zobet/Solfeggio tuning fork separately and offered prayers, affirmations, healing messages & embodied transmissions for our…

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