Can Solfeggio Frequencies affect physical health or only mental health?

Solfeggio Frequencies can affect both physical and mental health. Each of the 9 main frequencies are associated with different Chakras and have been shown to affect different characteristics of the listener.

  • 174 Hz has been shown to decrease stress and anxiety.
  • 285 Hz helps listeners recover from minor injuries or illnesses.
  • 396 Hz allows listeners to let go of guilt and fear.
  • 417 Hz has been shown to encourage positivity.
  • 528 Hz has had the most scientific research done, and has been proven to help repair DNA within humans, animals, and plants.
  • 639 Hz is the frequency of the hearth chakra and can help listeners repair heart ache emotionally.
  • 741 Hz can help rid your body of physical toxins. It is associated with the throat Chakra.
  • 852 Hz can help you mentally rid yourself of illusions and doubts.
  • 963 Hz is the frequency of the gods, and helps aid active meditation and other sound healing techniques.

As you can see, each frequency is associated with either a mental or physical attribute. As always, each listener may experience different affects from different frequencies, so try each one and see which is best for you!