How can I listen to Solfeggio Frequencies?

There are many different ways you can start receiving benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies. Listening to pure tones is not the only way to actively start listening. Here is a list of just some ways you can start.

  • Tuning Forks: You can find tuning forks that are tuned to the Solfeggio Frequencies.
  • Instruments: If you are a musician, you can directly output the Solfeggio Frequencies from your instrument! This is a great way to feel connected to the frequencies you are playing. You can feel the vibrations of your instrument.
  • Digital Audio Workstations and Synthesizers: You can load up a synthesizer on a MIDI track in your digital audio workstation (DAW) and output the various Solfeggio Frequencies, or you can use a hardware synth to output them as well. The use of a frequency tuner will allow you to hammer down the specific frequency you are trying to output.
  • Retuning Music: With the HZP app, you can automatically retune songs to include the Solfeggio Frequencies. This is the best way to casually and passively receive benefits of the frequencies.

But you can get creative with how you listen to your Solfeggio Frequencies! There are no wrong answering when it comes to your journey of healing.