How do I incorporate Solfeggio Frequencies into my daily routine?

While some listeners may prefer using pure frequency tones, we know many people would rather casually listen to Solfeggio tuned music throughout the day to receive benefits.

HZP is an app that allows listeners to automatically tune their music to over 10 Solfeggio Frequency tunings. This way you can casually listen to music through out the day and receive the healing benefits these tones bring.

Also, exercising active meditation daily is an amazing way to promote healthy living. This way, you can listen to pure Solfeggio Frequencies as you meditate to help receive full benefits of the frequencies.

Yoga is also an amazing daily exercise that listeners can use in tandem with the Solfeggio Frequencies to help connect them to their higher selves.

Using Solfeggio Frequencies along with other holistic healing approaches daily will have no downsides to living a healthy life.