Can Solfeggio Frequencies be used to enhance performance in sports or academics?

To no surprise, yes! Especially when it comes to meditation. For centuries, people have used meditation in their fitness routines. Meditation has been shown to increase energy, get rid of stress, promote better sleep habits, and rejuvenate the body.

Solfeggio Frequencies are an amazing way to level up your meditation sessions. As each frequency is related to a Chakra, you can use these to boost your relaxation or sleep habits.


  • 284 Hz has been shown to help ease muscle tension and help heal minor injuries in the tissue and organs. This might be an amazing way to help your body cool down after a workout.
  • 852 Hz might help listeners focus better on academics, as this frequency has been shown to help rid yourself of illusions.
  • 174 Hz helps ease stress and tension, allowing listeners to put all of their energy into their academic or physical goals.

Everyone responds differently to each frequency, so never be afraid to try out all of them. Casually listening to Solfeggio Frequency tuned music might be the first step to incorporating sound healing into your everyday life.