Are Solfeggio Frequencies linked to any religious or spiritual practices?

The concept of Solfeggio Frequencies has roots in both historical and contemporary religious and spiritual practices, although the specifics can vary.

Historically, the Solfeggio scale, developed by the 11th-century Benedictine monk Guido of Arezzo, was used in the teaching and performance of Gregorian chants and other liturgical music in the Roman Catholic Church. These chants often had spiritual and religious themes, which is one reason why the Solfeggio Frequencies are sometimes associated with spirituality.

In contemporary times, the supposed healing and transformative properties of the Solfeggio Frequencies have been embraced by various alternative healing and New Age circles. They are used in practices like sound healing, meditation, yoga, and other forms of spiritual exploration, often with the belief that these frequencies can facilitate spiritual awakening, transformation, or healing.