Can Solfeggio Frequencies help with symptoms of specific conditions such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD?

Specifically when it comes to anxiety, depression, and ADHD, there are many practices that you can do at home right now that may help relieve your symptoms.

As a note, anyone who is struggling with depression should also seek the guidance of a medical doctor, as depression is a serious condition. Working with a trained professional along with home remedies such as meditation facilitated with the use of Solfeggio Frequencies, Yoga, and other Sound Healing techniques, is a great way to start your journey to a more healthy and happy life. When tackling more serious health concerns, always use Solfeggio Frequencies as a tool rather than a one stop life hack for healing. Never be afraid to reach out to loved ones and trained therapists and doctors if you are struggling.

When using Solfeggio Frequencies to help aid you in your healing journey, try out 174 Hz listening. This Solfeggio Frequency has shown to help reduce anxiety and stress, lowering your heart rate.

Active meditation is always an amazing way to help anyone with ADHD and anxiety. Meditation has been proven to help ADHD symptoms like anxiety and stress. Using Solfeggio Frequencies in your meditation sessions is an amazing way to help you focus.