Is there any scientific evidence to support the claimed benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies?

Yes! While we would like there to be more research, there are many papers written on the benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies. Other research papers have surfaced explaining how vibrations and sound healing can be profoundly useful at healing injuries and diseases.

Here are just a few examples of scientific studies done on the effects of Solfeggio Frequencies and Sound Healing.

A 2018 study on 528hz frequencies and how the effect the endocrine system by Kaho Akimoto, Ailing Hu, and Takuji Yamaguchi showed that a group of people who listened to 528hz tones had decreased stress compared to a control group.

A paper done on the Effects of 528 Hz Sound Wave to Reduce Cell Death in Human Astrocyte Primary Cell Culture Treated with Ethanol found the use of these sound waves can be useful to reduce the toxic effects of ethanol on astrocytes cells culture.

Sonia Joseph at the American College of Healthcare Sciences has a magnificent paper demonstrating how Solfeggio Frequencies help heal DNA and trauma.

Lili Naghdi,  Heidi Ahonen, Pasqualino Macario, and  Lee Bartel have a clinical study showing the effect of low-frequency sound stimulation on patients with fibromyalgia.

There is incredible significance between the Solfeggio Frequencies and The Schuman Resonance frequency. There is a wonderful study done on these.

As you see, there has been some research done on the significance of Solfeggio Frequencies and the human body.