Can I make my own compositions using Solfeggio Frequencies?

Absolutely! There are many different “tunings” of the traditional 12 step scale found around the world. Here in the west we are used to the universal A4 = 440 Hz tuning. In other parts of the world, there are scales that have more than 12 steps and use frequencies found outside of what the west is used to. The HZP app is an app that automatically retunes songs to a Solfeggio frequency scale. If you are interested in composing music from scratch, here is a little cheat guide for how to compose music based around the solfeggio frequencies.

Retuning the universal 440 Hz A4 tone directly to the solfeggio frequencies will result in some strange results. For example retuning A4 to 963 Hz will result in an unpleasant high pitched song. Retuning A4 to 174 Hz will result in a bass heavy low octave song. Rather, we can retune A4 to include the solfeggio frequencies in their scale and still sound pleasant. The following are A4 tunings that include solfeggio frequencies in their scale.

When A4 is tuned to 438.48 Hz, F3 is 174 Hz – The Root Chakra, this frequency helps relieve pain and stress.

When A4 is tuned to 452.37 Hz, C#4 is 285 Hz – Also associated with the Root Chakra, this frequency may help heal minor injuries.

When A4 is tuned to 444.5 Hz, G4 is 396 Hz – Also associated with the Root Chakra, this frequency has shown to help listeners let go of guilt, fear, and trauma.

When A4 is tuned to 441.8 Hz, G#4 is 417 Hz – The Sacral Chakra frequency, this tone can help encourage positivity.

When A4 is tuned to 444 Hz, C5 is 528 Hz – Tied to the solar plexus chakra, this frequency is shown to help rewire pathways in the brain.

When A4 is tuned to 452 Hz, D#5 is 639 Hz – The Heart Chakra frequency, this tone is all about the heart and healing your relationships.

When A4 is tuned to 416 Hz, F#5 is 741 Hz – Associated with the Throat Chakra, this frequency can help cleanse your body of toxins.

When A4 is tuned to 426 Hz, G#5 is 852 Hz – Open your third-eye chakra with 852Hz.You can support mental clarity and help rid yourself of illusions that are no longer serving you.

When A4 is tuned to 429 Hz, B5 is 963 Hz – This frequency is related to the Crown Chakra, perfect for advanced meditation techniques, this tone is known as the frequency of the gods.

So try out retuning your A4’s to these frequencies to incorporate solfeggio frequencies into your own compositions.