How long should I listen to Solfeggio Frequencies to see benefits?

The length of time you should listen to Solfeggio Frequencies can vary greatly depending on who you ask, as there isn’t a standardized guideline or scientifically-backed answer to this question. Some people might recommend listening for a few minutes each day, while others might suggest listening for up to an hour or more.

Listening to calming music or sound frequencies, including the Solfeggio Frequencies, can have a relaxing effect, help manage stress, and improve mood. This is a personal experience and may vary from person to person.

Before you start listening, it’s a good idea to define what “benefits” you’re hoping to gain. If you’re looking to use the frequencies for general relaxation or as part of a meditation practice, you might start to notice benefits after a single session.

Remember to approach your wellbeing holistically, not relying solely on sound frequencies for health benefits. Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and traditional medical care are fundamental aspects of maintaining health and wellbeing.